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One of the greatest things about joining a direct sales company it is its low start up cost.  You can usually find a company to get started in for less than $500, many times even less than $200.

If you are really low on funds there may even be ways to get into a company you love at a reduced rate, or even for free!

Before joining any company see if any of the following is offered:


  1. Does the company have any monthly specials for joining? Often times you can get a reduced rate on your start up kit or even some extra freebies for joining at a certain time. Sign up specials may not be happening this month, but maybe the next month. Ask a couple of different reps (other than your sponsor) if they know of any upcoming specials…many times one will know something that the other didn’t.

  1.  Is there any option to earn your kit? I know many companies will reward new members who have a party within the first month of joining the company.  If your sales are above a certain amount sometimes you will get your start up kit price refunded. All you have to do is ask and see if the company has a policy like this.

  1. Ask your potential sponsor if she/he would assist with the startup cost. Usually your sponsor will receive some kind of compensation when you join their team. Sometimes they will return some of this to you if they feel you will be an asset to the company and their business.  This is not required of any sponsor, but it can be beneficial to them if it meant someone not joining at all. Again, this is usually only done when the sponsor believes that you will benefit their business. It never hurts to ask.

  1. If the company you are considering has a few different options on their start up kits go with the cheapest first. Get your feet wet with the company and when you start making a little money reinvest it into the bigger kits which usually contain more tools and products to help grow your business.

You are in control of your business and there is nothing wrong with shopping around for the best deal. Anytime you can save money in your business that is more money that will stay in your pocket!



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