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Planning an Open House

Direct Sales >> Home Parties >> Planning an Open House

One of the smartest ways to start your direct sales business is to plan and host your own open house.  This is should be done before you ever book your first home party. An open house is very important in establishing your business. It lets friends and family learn a little more about your new opportunity, and of course, it introduces your products. This can lead to future bookings of home parties, and possible leads for future recruiting.

First things First....

  • Set a date for your open house. Once you have a date in mind and set it makes everything seem a little more official. 

  • Make your List of friends and family to invite. You can use your Business Contact List to give you some extra ideas on guests to invite.

  • Call and Send out Invitations to all your guests.  It is best to call first and let your friends/family know about your upcoming event. It is also recommend to send out invitations for the specific time and date.  In my experience it has been proven that a tangible invitation, in conjunction with a phone call increases attendance.

Once you have the date and time set, and all the guests are invited, its time to start planning your open house. An open house is much like a regular home party except for the fact you are the hostess, and this is the first introduction to your friends/family to your new business. Often times the purpose of an open house isn't necessarily to sell your products, but rather to let everyone know about your new venture, which in turn will help your business grow. You never know who may want to host a home party in the future, or who is looking for a new business opportunity. 

There should always be an option for all your guests to purchase your new line of products. Often times an open house will bring in huge sales because you are dealing with people you know, who are willing to buy from you. This is just an added benefit of hosting your own open house.

Your presentation at your open house will be much like that at any home party. You are to introduce your business, the opportunity, and the products, and well as to give a brief story as to why you've joined. This will give you some practice for future home parties.

An open house is usually a very relaxed setting and your products should be on display for your guests to see. Refreshments are also to be served as with any home party. If this is a close group of friends/family you may wish to serve some cocktails to make everything a bit more social and relaxed. This should be a "no pressure" event for everyone.

The object of hosting your own open house is simply to get the word out about your new business and have nice evening with friends and family. 
Any Sales or leads are added bonuses! You will want to follow up with all guests who may be interested in hosting their own party. These leads will set you up for your next home party.

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