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Direct Sales >> Home Parties >> Hostess Coaching

Hostess Coaching is essential to a successful home party.  Basically, you are guiding your hostess step by step through the home party process. This will start from the moment she agrees to host a home party, all the way until after the event itself.


You will need to build a relationship with your hostess, and she should be seen as your partner. Remember she is the one allowing you to make money. 

As soon as a home party is agreed upon it is best to set up a date immediately and to get things going as soon as possible. You will want to plan the party for no more than 3 weeks away. Any gap in time could lead to the hostess changing her mind and backing out. This means wasted time, and loss of money to you.  If your direct sales opportunity provides a hostess training manual/packet this is the time to present this to her. If your company does not provide a hostess training packet, don't worry, this is something you can make up yourself.

Hostess Coaching Essentials

After the show is booked you are to be in constant contact with your hostess. The more comfortable she feels about having a party, the more successful it will be. 

You will want to call your hostess about 2 days after the party is booked. In this phone call you are to remind her:

Guest List - Find out if she has this prepared. If not help her with completing it. You can even use your List of Business Contacts to give her some ideas. Set up a time for her to give you the list if you are mailing out invitations. This should be done ASAP.

  • You will want to make the decision early on who is going to take care of mailing out invitations. If you decide you will take her guest list and do the mailings, you can guarantee that the invitations will be sent. When the hostess is in charge of doing the mailings, it is possible that she will forget. No invitations = No Party = No Money for you!

  • You should also let you hostess know she should personally call every guest to invite them to the party. This is shown to increase attendance.

Set a Goal - Give your hostess a goal she should try to meet. If she obtains this goal, whether it be guests attendance, total sales, or outside orders, give her an extra incentive. This should get her excited about getting more people to the party because she is getting the opportunity to earn extra goodies.

Outside Orders - Make sure the hostess knows that she also has the opportunity to get outside orders with those that are unable to attend the party. Let her know that this counts towards her total sales which can equal more incentives for her.

Some extra things to ask/tell the hostess:

  • How many guests is she expecting?
  • Who does she know who will book a show?
  • Tell her to encourage guests to bring friends.
  • Ask her if she has any additional questions.
  • Thank her again for hosting a party

You will want to call your hostess again 2-3 days after the invitations have been mailed. In this phone call you are to find out:

  • Have any guests received invitations? Any RSVP's?
  • Ask her how things are going. Any outside orders?
  • Ask her if she needs anything. Extra catalogs, order forms, etc.
  • Ask her if she has any questions.
  • Thank her for hosting a party, and let her know how excited you are to be doing it.

You will want to call your hostess for the last time 1-2 days before the home party. In this phone call you are to find out:

  • Review Directions to her home
  • How many RSVP's?/Amount of guest she expects attending.
  • Remind her refreshments are to be served/ Is there anything she needs from you?
  • Find out if she is satisfied with the number of guests she is expecting.
  • Go over last minute ideas to increase guest attendance. Have the hostess, or yourself make follow up phone calls to guests that have not responded.
  • Ask her if she has any questions.
  • Thank her again for hosting a party. Try to get her pumped up for the upcoming event!




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