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Home Party Themes

Direct Sales >> Home Parties >> Home Party Presentations

Want to spice up your direct sale home parties? Host a theme party!


There is nothing more fun than theme parties. The possibilities are endless in the amount of different themes you can come up with. If you want your business to stay "fresh" try suggesting to your hostess to have one of these awesome theme parties and get your business going!

  1. Margarita Party - This is my personal favorite, being I am a margarita girl. I can't tell you enough how successful a margarita party is in conjunction with direct sales. What woman doesn't want to relax with a nice frozen margarita while sitting around with her girlfriends and SHOPPING! This is also very inexpensive, you can buy a large bottle of tequila and a big tub of margarita mix all for under $30 (don't forget the salt!). This will make you a ton of margaritas, and believe me, your sales will increase.

  2. Wine & Cheese Party - For a fun and sophisticated home party theme, host a wine & cheese party. Try going to your local warehouse club to buy your wine a bit cheaper. They usually have the big bottles or multiple packs at good prices. While your there pick up a couple blocks of unique cheeses to sample. Another option would be to buy a couple "boxes of wine" at your local grocery store.  If you don't have any wine glasses you can get those super cheap at the dollar store. Who wouldn't be tempted to go to one of these home parties?

  3. Tea Party - If alcohol isn't your thing, or there will be children around, consider having a refined tea party theme. This would be great during the summer/spring. Ask your guests to wear their favorite hat, and serve different kinds of hot and cold tea. Celestial Seasonings has a great variety pack of teas to try, and if you need extra tea cups they can be bought inexpensively at the dollar store.

  4. Dessert Party - What woman can resist desserts, and shopping? You can plan a dessert party one of 2 ways. Try asking each of the guests to bring a small, unique dessert to share, or provide a dessert sampler yourself. Again, try going to one of the bulk warehouse stores to get a sampler platter that is ready made, and good to go.

  5. Couples Party - I have had great success with hosting a couple theme party. Never limit it only to couples, because you never want to leave anyone out, but on the invite make sure to mention that spouses/significant others are welcome. You will find that if you can get one man to go, others will follow. This can also significantly boost your sales because, believe it or not, men love to shop too!

Don't forget to mention your theme on your invitations, and even better, print specialty theme invitations out to set the mood of the party before it even starts. You can even modify some home party games to go with your home party theme

----> Home Party Games

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