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Sometimes people are turned off by the idea of hosting a home party in their home. This can be for a number of reasons; not enough space, too much of a mess, etc. When a potential hostess starts to give you these reasons why a home party in her home wouldn't work, you can present her with some other options.

Where to Host a Home Party

  1. Another Friend's Home - Find a friend or neighbor that would agree to host in her home. You can even offer to split up the incentives, or give her a little something extra for having the party in her home.

  2. Apartment Complex Club House - Ideally if you lived in the complex this would work best. Often times you can "rent" out time where no one else will bother you.  If you do not live in the complex approach the front office and offer to invite the employees, etc. You will be surprised at how many times they will let you use the space for free, and you might even score some extra guests.

  3. Community Center -  Just contact your local community center and set up a time to reserve some space.

  4. Church - Many Church's have basements or banquet rooms that they will allow their members to use freely.

  5. Coffee Shop - Not every "Home" Party has to be a huge event. Ask your hostess to invite a small group of friends to go out for coffee, and a small presentation. This is a great way to present your products and get some orders in a short period of time in a relaxed setting.

  6. Restaurant - This is actually a great idea and should be used more often for those who are not interested in hosting a "Home" Party in their Home. Most restaurants have private sections for large parties or meetings. These are most often free to reserve. You can incorporate your presentation like a lunch/dinner business meeting. 
  7. Your Home - If all else fails, suggest hosting the party at your home. If it makes the difference between sales and no sales, this might be a good option.



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