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Home Party Games

Direct Sales >> Home Parties >> Home Party Games

Home Party Games are great icebreakers to get everyone in a comfortable atmosphere. They are a fun was to get all the guest involved in you products and presentation. Try one of these great home party games, and get your party started!

Alphabet Purse Game

Call out in random order a letter of the alphabet. The first guest that shows you something from their purse or wallet representing that letter gets a point - highest amount of points wins a prize.


A - ATM card, address book, appointment book, ad
B - Book, beeper, bill, bead, breath freshener, business card, brown, blue, blush
C - Checkbook, credit card, coupon, calendar, catalog, coupons, cell phone,        chocolate
D - Date book, dollar, dime, drivers license
E - Eyeglasses, envelope, eye shadow, eyeliner
F - frame, family, fan
G - green, gloves, glasses, gum, grocery list, gift card
H - Hair bow, hairbrush, half-dollar
I - Invitation, identification
J - jewelry, JC Penny card
K - Key, key ring
L - lifesavers, license, lipstick, list
M - MasterCard, maybeline, mint, makeup, mascara, money
N - Nickel, note, newspaper
O - Orange
P - Pink, photo, perfume, powder, pen, pencil, paper, pad, planner, phone book, penny, purple
Q - quarter
R - rubber band, ring, red
S - stamp, snack, sugar, sears card, shopping list, sunglasses,
T - Tea, tablet, Texaco card, telephone
U - Ugly picture
V - visa card
W - wallet, wet-wipe, watch, wine colored something
X - Xeroxed copy
Y - Yellow
Z - Zipper


Blue Light Special


This is a great way to boost sales, and is fun too! Set timer as you begin your demonstration/presentation. What ever product your holding when the timer goes off is on sale for the duration of the party.


Mystery Prize Balloon Game

Before the party blow up balloons and place a folded up slip of paper inside with a discount or a free item....whatever you'd like as an incentive.
As guests arrive, give them a balloon. As you hand it to them, say, "This is yours for the evening, hang on to it and don't trade it away. You may be holding a special balloon." When you open the show, casually remind them to hang on to their balloons, you will get to them later on. You will see them shaking the balloon and see the curiosity in her eyes. Towards the end of the evening tell the guests that if they decide to book a show with you tonight they get to keep the incentive/gift inside, otherwise they must return the balloon to you. Let them know if 3 of them pop their balloon, then the hostess gets to pop hers as well.  Wording is key here. There is not a person in that room who is not dying to know what her prize is....  Your hostess will also want to pop hers to see what her mystery prize is, so she will work to get other to pop theirs. Have them bring their balloon to you with their order and pop the balloon with you.

What's In Your Purse Game

Give a prize to the guest that has the most of these items in her purse. (Male guests may use contents of wallet and pockets.) Give the guests a slip of paper to keep track of their items.

1. An outdated calendar
2. A burnt match
3. An old love letter
4. A safety pin
5. Postage stamps
6. A dry cleaning stub
7. A nylon
8. A handkerchief
9. A spool of thread
10. A picture of a man or woman you didn't marry
11. A parking ticket
12. A grocery receipt
13. Pills of any kind
14. (your Company)
15. A pair of sunglasses
16. Gum or candy
17. A lighter
18. A tube of lotion
19. A hairbrush or comb
20. A product that you think is the strangest (You will determine strangest product)

Guess the Scent

Guess the scents is a great home party game for direct sales candle consultants to play at their home parties.

It is very simple, take about 10 different scented votives and place each one in a ziploc bag. Make sure to pick scents that might throw your guests off, or have a unique name or scent. Basically don't just pick easy ones like cinnamon apple!

The game will begin by passing all the baggies around and for each get to sniff the bag and try to guess the scent. You will also provide everyone with a pen and pad to write down their answers.

The winner will be the guest that gets the most scents correct and will win a prize, possible a votive sampler. :)

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