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Getting Leads through Drawings

Direct Sales >> Home Parties >> Getting Leads through Drawings

One of the best way to get leads at a home party is by offering a prize and  having a drawing. You will want to make up slips of paper, or even better index cards with the following information:




   Phone Number:________________

Check all that apply:

  • I am interested in learning more about  "your company" Business Opportunity/Becoming a Consultant

  • I am interested in hosting a home party (and earning free gifts)

  • I am interested in having a book party (and earning free gifts)

Thanks & Good Luck!

Make sure to let everyone know that all fields are required to enter the drawing. You can choose to raffle off your prize at the end of the party, or even after the show and call up the winner. Either way you will hopefully get some good leads to follow up with. Even if no one checked off that they were interested in the opportunity/hosting you still have all the guests names and phone numbers to contact at a later date. You can use these to compile a "mailing list" and send out updates with your businesses specials and promotions. You never know when someone will want to host/buy more products/be interested in your opportunity.

This method of gaining leads is not limited to Home Parties. This can be used at craft shows as well.

Recommended Reading:

Lemon Aid Deed Alphabet: Deeds to Convert Leads to Committed Customers by Christie Northrup


Lemon Aid Deed Alphabet: Deeds to Convert Leads to Committed Customers


Once you have located leads, what deeds do you need to do to convert them to committed customers? Written in the same format as the Lead Alphabet, this 120-page book will teach you how to:


  • Create profit lists

  • Give customers what they crave most

  • Celebrate your customers

  • use the most important tool for converting leads
    to customers

  • Establish a business bank

  • Implement the hundreds of ideas you'll read



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