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When your doing home party plans, bookings are the lifeline of your business. Without any bookings scheduled, you are essentially out of business, which of course, is a bad thing. Here are some basics things you can do to increase your booking rate.

  • Your #1 best place to get bookings are through your current home parties that are taking place. Make sure to optimize every possible opportunity to follow up on any leads that can become future home parties. At your home parties, you must present the idea of needing hostesses for future parties. Most often, a guest will not approach you directly, even if they are considering it on their own. Let the guests know the incentives they can earn for becoming a hostess.

  • Call previous hostesses and invite them to rebook. Call around 3 months after the 1st home party and mention any specials your company is promoting. Make sure to mention any new incentives they may be able to receive.

  • Have a booth at a local craft fair. This is a great way to get exposure for your business. Have a drawing set up with information slips to get all possible leads. Make sure to follow up! Also try to make conversation with as many people as possible. Don't forget to introduce yourself to the other vendors and pass out catalogs/brochures.

  • Bring catalogs to work (don't forget your spouses workplace), place in lunch/break room, and all bulletin board areas.

  • Ask to post catalogs in teachers lounge at children's school.

  • Leave catalogs with local businesses.

  • Post catalogs on college campus bulletin boards.

  • Advertise in Church Bulletin.

Make sure to highlight on the front of all catalogs/brochures (by writing or placing a sticker) that you are looking for hostesses and what incentives they can earn for booking with you. This will surely increase your home party bookings, and your wallet.

Now, learn some Hostess Coaching tips to make your home parties a success.



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