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Direct Sales Open House

Direct Sales >> Home Parties >> Direct Sales Open House

Hosting a direct sale open house is a great way to announce your business is up and running. Open Houses are usually held and hosted by you, the direct sales company representative vs. someone else who hosts a home party to get incentives.

An open house is similar to a home party with the exception being you are hosting it and it doesn't require invites. Open houses don't usually play home party games either, though snacks are usually served.

Open houses are more business orientated for the fact that the main purpose is to get the word out about your business, make some contacts, and possibly some sales or new team members. Open Houses also are a good tool to expand your business in the local community.

Open houses contain both information on your products you are selling, (with samples on display) as well as information on your business opportunity.

Open houses can be held at your home or even an office setting (if you have one available to you) as well as coffee shops and other public places. If you do not have a lot of products to display, or if  your company is service based, a public location may be of more interest to you as you will have guests you do not know.

Here are a few different places to advertise an open house:

1. Posting flyers on local campus bulletin boards - This is a great way to recruit new team members who are in school and wanting to earn some extra money on the side.

2. Post flyers on local shopping center bulletins. Sometimes Wal-Mart and other stores have these in their entrance way. Please make sure of the rules before you post anything.

3. Go door to door to offices in strip malls and leave flyers (and possibly samples of your products) with the receptionist. Make your "open house" during lunch hours where workers can attend.  Another reason to hold an open house at a coffee shop or a local cafe.

4.  Joining a moms club like the ones found on are also good ways to promote your open house.

5. Post on message boards/mom boards that cater to residents of your local community.

Don't be discouraged if not a lot of people show up to your first open house. Make sure to ask the people who do show up where they saw your ad so you can use that form of advertising again for future open houses.

You can do multiple open houses a year. If you are serious about growing your business within your local community you should have 1 every season, so 4 per year. Also consider joining your community's Chamber of Commerce.



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