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Setting Business Goals

Direct Sales >> Getting Started in Direct Sales >> Setting Business Goals

You've got your business, and you've determined your "why" its time to set some long and short term business goals.

Setting Realistic Business Goals

Keep in mind that you want to set realistic business goals. What are realistic business goals? Well, simply goals that you should be able to meet with persistence and some hard work. It is OK to challenge yourself, but not to the point where your goal becomes unrealistic.  Making a million dollars your first year in business is simply could happen, but the chances are slim. Remember you can always reset your goals once they have been met and as your business grows.

Setting Business Goals - Why

Why are you setting business goals in the first place? This is an easy question. Setting goals, as well as knowing your "why", is important to any business. These give you focus and a reason for being in business in the first place. You must determine and meet your business goals to make your "why" a reality. 

Setting Short Term Business Goals

The first thing I would suggest is to set short term goals for your business. How much would you like to earn a month? Remember if you are just starting out this needs to be realistic. Lets start with $400 a month. Break this down to a week, which would be $100 and even how much you need to make a day, to reach your monthly goal. In this case you would need to only make about $14 a day to reach a monthly income goal of $400. Doesn't seem to bad at all. As time progresses and you meet your monthly income goal, you can reset your goals. This time bump it up to $600 a month. You will keep on doing this for the life of your business, remember to always keep this realistic.  You goals do not always have to be an income that you would like to meet. Perhaps you have a goal to sponsor one person a month into your business opportunity. This might not bring you direct income right away, but will help you meet your long term business goals in the future.

Setting Long Term Business Goals

While you are setting your short term business goals, you also want to keep in mind, and set, long term business goals. Think as far as two years in the future. What kinds of goals would you like to have met in your business?  What do you want financially, materially, and spiritually for you and your family? Can you see yourself obtaining these goals? Start with two years and write down all the things you wish to accomplish at this point in time. Take it down to one year, and then 6 months.  These will be your long term goals.

What's Next... 

Now that you have set your long and short term business goals it is time to take action! You now must decide what you are going to do to meet these business goals. Will it be through Home Parties, Fundraisers, Craft Shows, or Recruiting? It is time to Start Planning your Business.

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is possibly the greatest book ever written to help you realize and achieve your business goals. Think & Grow Rich was written in 1937 and its principles hold true even more today. These are the steps you need to implement if you truly want to be rich. Take a look at the reviews and you will soon learn that this is a must have book!

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