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Finding your "Why" in Direct Sales

Direct Sales >> Getting Started in Direct Sales >> Finding your "Why"

"Why are you in a direct sales business in the first place?"

Honestly, finding your reason to be in business for yourself should be one of the very first things to consider, even before joining a direct sales company.  This one task, which seems very simple, should be taken very seriously. Your "why" can possibly foreshadow how successful your business will be in the future. Having a "why" will give you incentive to move on when times get tough, and push you further than you ever thought possible. Knowing what your "why" is, is crucial to starting your direct sales business. 

Your "why" should be VERY specific. Simply, to provide a better life for your family is not good enough. You must truly find the exact reason to be in business...find your drive!

Ask yourself these questions to find your "Why"...

  • What is it, specifically that you want from your success in direct sales?
  • What is the one thing that will truly motivate you to move on when times are tough?
  • Will this really keep you going?
  • Can you see yourself obtaining this goal?
  • Can you picture this one specific thing in your mind?
  • Can you really see your reason?
  •  Is it tangible to you?

Your goal now will be to take this picture with you always, and to remember "why" you are really doing this.  There will always be ups and downs with any direct sales business. The key is to know that when you are down, there is no place else to go but up.  Allot of woman will get discouraged, and often times will give up.  It is your goal to use your "why"  to persevere and to not let things get to you. You must rise to the top.  Let your competition lag behind because they don't have their drive. This will just be more success, and money for you in the future. Which is a great thing!

Now that you have found your "Why", it's time to set your short, and long term Goals for your Business

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