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Finding a Craft Show

Direct Sales >> Craft Shows >> Finding a Craft Show

Deciding to try out craft shows with your direct sales business is actually a great decision. The first thing you are going to want to do is find craft shows in your area. There really is a method to finding shows, and I would suggest if you are new to the craft show world to start small, think church festivals.

I usually find out about these type of church festivals through my local paper. I would also suggest contacting churches in your area to see if they have these types of festivals that have craft shows. The best part about these church organized events is that the entry fee is usually small (which is good). Another option to calling would be to look on the church's official website.

I think these small craft shows are a wonderful place to start to get the feel of what the shows are like. You will also not need as much inventory as a large show, and this way you can get a feel as to how your product may sell with a minimum investment.

Make sure to tell the person in charge of the show that you are with a direct sales company. There is a chance that they may only allow homemade crafts. A lot of direct sellers get around this by making crafts with their product. For instance a candle company might have personalized votive holders (which are made by the seller) to sell with her candles.  This is usually the approach I take to mix up my product, however, I have seen women set up booths with just their Mary Kay products with a sign for a free makeover. The bottom line, check with the coordinator before signing up with your entry fee.

To find larger craft shows in your area and beyond, your best bet is the internet. There are many sites that will charge a subscription fee to view upcoming craft shows. I would only suggest subscribing after you have made a commitment to doing these shows. A tip for newcomers, bigger shows get VERY expensive. I have seen entry fees for over $1000. Most larger shows are around $400 (In my experience), this is one reason why I stick to the smaller shows unless I am confident that it will be a huge success!

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