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Health & Wellness Direct Sales Companies

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Health, Wellness, & Nutrition Products are big business when it comes to Direct Sales. You can find everything from healthcare plans, vitamins, and even environmentally friendly products for your home.  Every mom wants her family to be healthy and safe. Check out some of these great Health & Wellness Direct Sales Companies.

Advocare Nutrition

Start Up  Cost  $79 (Includes $50 worth of product, 20% off products for life and a personalized website)

Commission Earned
20%-40% plus leadership bonuses up to 25% of team volume.  Can earn income 5 different ways.

Company Info -
Advocare is the top Nutrition company in the world right now.  We are the fastest growing direct sales company and yet only an estimated 2% of the population has heard of Advocare which means the timing to join Advocare is perfect.  Advocare has a proven success system where independent distributors receive help to become successful in their business.

Learn More About Advocare Nutrition


Advanced Plasma Products

Start Up  Cost  - $0

Commission Earned – 15%

Company Info - We are actively looking for work at home mothers to sell our state of the art air purification product into high and middle school locker rooms. This is an opportunity for mothers to both make some extra and provide their children with a healthier and safer school environment. All kids must take gym class, and if your child is an athlete they are in a greater risk of contracting locker room diseases.

Please visit our website for more information at

Learn More About Advanced Plasma Products



Start Up Cost - $50 / $250

Commission Earned - AmeriplanUSA pays you daily and offers benefits for you and your family.  We make money two ways:

The first is to enroll Members - people who need the Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic benefits package and/or the Medical benefits package (which includes the others).  You will receive a 6-month advance of $21.54 for each individual and $35.94 for each family Dental plan.  We are then paid monthly residual income for the life of that membership – and the company has a 90% retention rate!  The monthly residual amount for each plan will be between $3.59 - $11.99.

 The second way we make money is by helping others enroll as Independent Business Owners ("IBOs") so that they, too, can work from home. It's very simple. We earn $15 every month for each IBO.   As you advance in Management level with the company, you will also earn Business Builder bonuses.  The company will send you a check each month with overrides for on the business volume of your entire downline team (from 15% on your first level down to 1% on your sixth level and beyond).


All IBOs receive the Family Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic package, as well as AD&D Insurance, an available 401K program, and a variety of other benefits.

Company Info - AmeriplanUSA is a nationwide discount benefits company with over 1.5 million members!  We provide discount Dental, Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic, and in some states, Health coverage.  We are not an insurance company so there are no deductibles, limits, waiting periods, or exclusions.   The company provides free training and support, and four different e-commerce enabled websites for signing up both Members and IBOs.

There is no inventory, no parties, and no following up for reorders.  The company handles all the billing, collections, Customer Service (toll-free number available 6 days a week), medical provider relations, credit card processing, etc

Learn More About Ameriplan


Belly Buster Diet, Inc.

Start Up Cost - None

Commission Earned -
Unilevel system: earn 50% on programs sold and 10-40% on product depending on how much you have sold for the month; recruit commission ranges from 1-4% through 4 levels with generous bonuses.

Company Info -  We are looking for sharp, vivacious, motivated individuals who would like to start a “weight loss clinic on wheels.” Work with doctors, gyms, health and wellness centers, have home parties, group and individual consultations. The possibilities are infinite! Extensive training is provided.

Learn More About Belly Buster Diet, Inc.



Start Up Cost - Free to sign-up ... Includes free replicated website and free back office.

Commission Earned - Your earn on every product order ($25US, $40US, $100US, $300US), depending on initial order from sign-ups, you also earn through your team's group volume orders in 3 different ways.

Company Info - Cal Nutrasciences Incorporated, CNI, was created through a visionary collaboration of two Direct Selling powerhouses whose collective expertise and passion for developing cutting-edge nutritional and weight loss products and unparalleled business success have produced more than $1 billion in sales globally.


Learn More About CNI CORE4


dōTERRA Essential Wellness

Start Up Cost - As low as $50.00

Commission Earned - Comprehensive Plan on Website

Company Info - Essential oils, nutritional supplements and skin care products all based on essential oils which have been used for centuries for healing and other health purposes


Learn More About dōTERRA Essential Wellness


GeneWize Life Sciences, Inc.

Start Up Cost - $499.00

Commission Earned - Variable. Please contact me for details.


Company Info - GeneWize Life Sciences is launching ground-breaking health, beauty and wellness products, which offer genetically guided health and personal care solutions based on your unique and personal genetic profile.

Your formulations are 100% personalized. No more "one size fits all"!


Learn More About GeneWize Life Sciences


Itworks Marketing

My name is Carol Purcey I am a stay at home Mom and a Itworks marketing Diamond. I started this business 2yrs ago and its been a god send.

Start Up Cost - $199

Commission Earned - unlimited

Company Info - it Works marketing is a six yr old company that is dept free. They are a part of the billion dollar a yr health and wellness industry. There products are all natural. There body applicator is amazing and can help people lose inches off there trouble areas and you where it for only 45 minutes. There vitamins and supplements are also available. The company is based out of Grand Rapids Michigan. They have helped hundreds of people with there health while also making them financially stable.


Learn More About ItWorks Marketing


Suzanne by Suzanne Somers

Start Up Cost -$99.00

Commission Earned -Incredible Compensation and Rewards...

Company Info -Ground Floor Opportunity
Flexibility and Freedom
Unprecedented Support
Welcome to Suzanne by Suzanne Somers

Learn More About Suzanne by Suzanne Somers


Herbalife International

Start Up Cost - $79.95 includes the International Business Pack plus the basic nutrition program.

Commission Earned - 25 - 50% discount/profit plus bonuses & royalties as you move up the marketing plan

Company Info - Herbalife has been in business for 25 years, located in over 59 countries, and its mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight management products in the world.

Learn More About Herbalife International

Online Business Systems

Start Up Cost - Discounted from 39.99 to 9.95 + shipping and handling 

Commission Earned - 90% commission earned. 

Company Info - Be your own boss working at home with the kids in your pajamas! Entry Level...No Experience Needed...Full Training and Support Provided!  In a very short time you could be making up to $1000+ a month part time to over $10,000+ a month full time using our simple and powerful online system. Our compensation rates are unmatched! You may even qualify for bonuses and/or travel incentives! Work around YOUR schedule! Work whenever and wherever you want. This is not a get rich quick idea or a typical job offering!  Web based business moves with you. We are looking for "SERIOUS" people ONLY! We're affiliated with an Incredible 2 Billion dollar company, recognized by the Better Business Bureau and publicly traded on the NYSE.

Learn More About Online Business Systems



Start Up Cost - $36 annually for website maintenance: plus cost of product ranging from $120 to $899

Commission Earned - Infinite potential.

Company Info - -Based in Chandler, AZ.  Founded by John Anderson, Jim and Kathy Coover who have over 60 years combined in the health, nutrition and network marketing industry.  Company sales currently in excess of $13M/month in North America alone. We are endorsed by Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup books) and Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).  Products designed to cleanse and detoxify the body which leads to rapid and sustained weight loss.

Learn More About Isagenix



Start Up Cost - $29.95 for enrollment kit; free with some fast start packages

Commission Earned - uni-level bonuses up to 12%, 25% matrix bonuses, leadership bonuses, fast start bonuses, car allowances, retail profit
Company Info Oxyfresh delivers products for healthy white smiles, fresh breath, complete nutrition, effective weight loss and quality pet care. Our products also keep your home and everyone you care about Oxyfresh clean. But that’s just what we make. What Oxyfresh makes possible is a life beyond concerns about money.
  • For over 20 years, the Oxyfresh family has stood for trust, integrity and partnerships that help people achieve their financial goals.
  • We’ve helped thousands of people build personal wealth through residual income.
  • The result is not just their financial freedom, but the time to truly enjoy it!

With headquarters in the beautiful resort community of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Oxyfresh is owned by its employees and top sales leaders. We are a member in good standing with the Direct Selling Association, an organization that maintains the highest standards of integrity for operations, sales practice and customer service

Learn More About Oxyfresh



Start Up Cost - $39

Commission Earned - Kari and Vincent are on a fast track with MonaVie we are aggressively building the MonaVie opportunity and have been leaders in Direct Sales before.  Refer to link go to MEMBERS then go to OPPORTUNITY use password FREEDOM

Company Info - MonaVie is a new generation  binary so your points don't go away till you collect commissions on them. There are 8 ways to make money.  MonaVie has the most advanced and aggressive commission pay plan around. MonaVie is new so the opportunity is extremely good . MonaVie is debt free and is paying over 2 million in commissions per week. It pays on a weekly basis.

Learn More About Monavie


Start Up Cost - For a small investment of $35, you get an impressive Website and Business Kit complete with everything you need to help you start reaching your goals.

Commission Earned - There are 7 different ways to earn commission from saba.

Company Info - AMS Health Sciences, Inc., the parent of Saba, is a 20-year-old company in the direct-selling industry.  Saba is the only juice product on the market today that contains the proprietary formula of adaptogens developed by Dr. Israel Brekhman. Supported by almost 50 years of research and over 3,000 clinical studies, adaptogens are a breakthrough health discovery shown to help maintain optimal health by combating stress at the cellular level. They are found in two formulas: Saba Borojo Weight Loss and  Saba Pomegranate.  

Learn More About Saba


Shaklee Distributor

Start Up Cost - $39.95 - Distributor Kit (up to a $100.00 value)

  - A comprehensive step-by-step Success Manual to guide you through creating your personal Plan of Action
  - Includes a complete Join Us Opportunity presentation, brochures, and DVD
  - Special product and business tools to get you started
  - Helpful resource guide to keep you going
- Includes all the benefits of Membership
$299.00 - Fast Start to Wellness Distributor Program (up to a $400.00 value)
- Includes everything in the Distributor Welcome Kit, PLUS
- Multiple copies of important DVDs and brochures to help get you going
- 3 free months of your own personal distributor website
- A full month's supply of combination of several of our wonderful wellness items

Commission Earned - The bonus or rebate structure, depends on the amount of PV you do per month.  Keep in mind that you personally need to do 100 PV in order to get paid.  As you go up in rank, the 100 PV per month to get paid stays at 100 PV.  You do not have to purchase more than that no matter how well you do with the company.  But if you are using the products, I know 100 PV each month is not a hard thing to do. 

The first tier or level of bonus on PV is 250, which would be a 4% rebate back from that 250 PV.  There are always new incentives.  I can explain all of this in more detail in a personal e-mail.

Company Info - Shaklee Distributors have the pleasure of working with the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.  For over 50 years, this company has been improving the lives of millions of their Independent Distributors and well as their members.  When pioneering the nutritional supplement industry, they created natural products that are good for us and our planet.  Our products include supplements/vitamins, non-toxic household and laundry cleaners, skin care, mineral make-up, water/air purification and sports nutrition.

Learn More About Shaklee Distributor


Start Up Cost - $300

Commission Earned -  40% fast start, unilevel, matching bonuses

Company Info -

Learn More About Zrii




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