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Cosmetic & Skin Care Direct Sales Companies

Direct Sales >> Direct Sales Company Profiles >> Beauty & Cosmetic Direct Sales

What woman doesn't love cosmetic, skincare, and beauty products? Take a look through these direct sales cosmetic and skincare companies and find out why the beauty business is one of the most well known categories in home party plan business opportunities.

3000BC Home

Start Up Cost - $199 - Includes a diagnostic tool, the skin scope machine, brochures and order forms, your own personal 3000BC Home virtual website, AND four 3000BC Skincare products. 

Commission Earned - Earn 25-30% in commissions based off product sales.  Recruit a friend, and earn an additional 4-8% in commissions based off their product sales.

Company Info -  3000BC WellMed Spa has been incredibly successful in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years in both their spa services and skincare line.  The products have a cult-like following and have been nationally recognized in Allure, Vogue, InStyle, Lucky, and Essence magazines.  In the past years they were also at one time distributed out of The Four Seasons, The W Hotels, The Peninsula Hotels, Henry Bendels on 5th Ave in NYC, Nordstroms and much much more!  We've received countless awards such as Best in Philly, Best in Style, and Best in the MainLine.  Our reputation speaks for itself.

Learn More About 3000BC Home


alex + von

Start Up Cost - $109.00 Consultants create their own boutique by choosing the brands they wish to offer their customers.  Current choices are hair care products, skincare, bath and body care, natural makeup

Commission Earned
Personal Sales:

  • Base commission on personal sales for brand(s) you represent is 25%
  • Up to 40% commission on sales made for the brand(s) you represent
  • Up to 15% residual commission on every other brand your customers buy from you

Company Info - We partner with great boutique beauty and children’s brands that offer natural and organic products made in the US. You make income by selling products from any of these brands to expand your financial potential. Create your own boutique with products you love and use your good taste to create a special shopping experience for your customers.

Learn More About alex + von

Arbonne International

Start Up Cost - $29

Commission Earned - 35%

Company Info - Arbonne International offers premium, botanically based skin care, nutrition, aromatherapy and color products that are formulated and researched in Switzerland and manufactured in the U.S.A. The company is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

Independent Consultant Information-

Ellen Levinas
ID# 15211430


Affordable Mineral Makeup

Start Up Cost - Choose from 3 start up options:

Beginners Affiliate- Sign up for free, get an affiliate url, make 5% commission on sales

Affiliate - Sign up for $5, get an affiliate url and make 10% commissions on sales

Consultant -Sign up for $25- get your own site, be part of the yahoo group, all the other benefits listed below and make 25% with the ability to advance to the highest level of 35%, $15 monthly retail quota.

Commission Earned - Depends on level signed up for (please see above)

Company Info - Affordable Mineral Makeup for natural beauty that's affordable and good for you! Affordable Mineral Makeup is for the tween, teen, woman who wants soft, radiant looking skin.  Affordable Mineral Makeup brings out your natural beauty while minimizing any flaws or wrinkles.

Created from Earth's minerals, Affordable Mineral Makeup gives you natural sunscreen, fabulous coverage and a long-lasting natural glow that can't be matched with gooey liquid or crème foundations.

Learn More About Affordable Mineral Makeup



Start Up Cost -  $10 for appointment starter kit (basic consultant) and $25 for leadership kit (recruiting consultant) [Kits can be purchased separately]

Commission Earned - 20-50% on product sales and 3-12% on leadership sales plus fast start bonuses

Company Info -  Avon's vision is to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women globally.  Our dedication to supporting women touches not only beauty--but health, fitness, self-empowerment and financial independence.

Learn More About Becoming a Avon Representative



Start Up Cost - $95-$355

Commission Earned - 25-65%

Company Info - Owned by Tupperware, BeautiControl has an amazing business history. It is over 35 years young and has been taking care of men and womens skin and makeup, helping them look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside.

Learn More About BeautiControl


Become Beauty

Start Up Cost - $199 or no money down (just pay tax and shipping up front)

Commission Earned
– 20% up to 53%

Company Info – Become Beauty is a breakthrough Australian beauty and wellness company with the most effective approach to combating the signs of aging-head to toe, inside and out.

Learn More About Become Beauty


The Body Shop at Home

Start Up Cost -  $150

Commission Earned - 25%

Company Info -  Organic, community trade products that empower women around the world! 

Learn More About The Body Shop at Home


JAFRA Beauty

Start Up Cost - $60.00 - Special rates are often offered even at lower costs!

Commission Earned - 30% for sales $299 and below - 50% for sales $300 and above

Company Info -  JAFRA Cosmetics International, Inc is a member of the Direct Selling Association.  JAFRA excercises their concern for the enviroment and builds strong bridges in communities with their multiple charity involvements, including The American Heart Association's Go Red For Women.  Currently they have more than 526,000 beauty consultants and growing in 17 countries.

Learn More About JAFRA Beauty


Mary Kay

Start Up Cost - $100

Commission Earned - 50%

Company Info - Mary Kay offers quality skin care & cosmetics - a company that has been going strong for over 40 years!  Your starter kit includes over $400 in retail products and business materials and is everything you need to begin a Mary Kay business. Consultants earn immediate 50% commission on sales, and 4-13% bonuses for building a team. Training comes from weekly success meetings and extensive training material available from the company.  Mary Kay provides an exceptional product line and an impressive business plan...which has made it the leader in skin care for many years running!



Start Up Cost - $150.00 - $1299.00

Commission Earned - 25% - 40% plus additional incentives are also available with sales quota

Company Info - Suzanne just launched in 2006 with beauty products, food, fashion, fitness and jewelry. Started by Suzanne Sommers.

Learn More About Becoming a Suzanne Consultant


Votre Vu

Start Up Cost - $129 or $99

Commission Earned - 25% or more

Company Info - Fine French skin care, body care and hair products.

Learn More About  Votre Vu




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