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Tips On Writing a Effective Recruiting Ad

Direct Sales >> Direct Sales Articles >> Tips On Writing a Effective Recruiting Ad

Whether you are advertising online, or off, writing an effective recruiting ad is essential for a greater response. Here are 12 tips to a successful recruiting advertising campaign.Here are some of my tips for writing an EFFECTIVE Recruiting Ad!

#1) I state my Company NAME Several Times in my Ad. (I know this isn't possible for some company reps which is a shame because COMPANY NAME in your ad is Extremely important!)

#2) I LIST ALL Start up Costs Involved! I don't have my reader guessing at it and then they have to turn around & email me for it...NOPE, its clearly stated in my Recruiting Ad!

#3) Quotas...if your company has quotas, it should BE LISTED in your Ad! Readers who find out after they are already talking to you allot of times feel mislead!

#4) CLEAR UNDERSTANDABLE ENGLISH. I do NOT use business slang terms, abbreviations for business terms etc. What do I mean? WOE in the Tupperware world means Web Order Entry, well new potential recruits have NO idea what that is so spell it out!

#5) Do NOT over hype your opportunity Why? A---It can scare people off into thinking its a SCAM or too good to be true and they MOVE on. B-----If they fail at the opportunity, they will turn around and BLAME YOU....saying you said you could make XYZ in a certain amount of time & so forth! ALWAYS STATE reasonable commissions about the opportunity!

#6) ONGOING Costs! I like to let NEW potential recruits know about any ongoing charges with the opportunity if there are any.

#7) Ad LENGTH: Too often these days I see tons of 3 sentence ONLINE ads that say 2 sentences about the opportunity and the third sentence says contact me for more info! That is a HORRIBLE AD! Your ad needs to provide the reader with concise info about the opportunity you are advertising, in the SAME respect, don't make it too long where they LOSE interest. They want to read an AD, not a book!

#8) PROOF READ YOUR AD or have someone else do it! Typos & Mistakes LOOK unprofessional!

#9) KNOW the opportunity INSIDE & OUT! Nothing LOOKS more unprofessional then when they start asking you questions and YOU don't know the answer! I feel if you are going to be recruiting you should KNOW your company WELL and KNOW the opportunity well! I once had a girl that was 32 hours old in her company TRY to recruit me into it! That was a BIG BIG turn off for me! I am not saying you have to be there for years...what I am saying is you should KNOW everything there is to KNOW about that opportunity before recruiting others into it!

#10) Don't overload your Recruiting Ad with Graphics! Allot of older computers can not handle dozens of graphics!

#11) When I make changes to my Ads, I like to get a few friends to look over it for me. Allot of times they will give you GREAT advice on changes that should be made that you didn't think of!

#12) When you decide to recruit, You need to realize that you will have to set aside TIME to help train any new recruits you get. Its NOT right to go on a recruiting BLITZ and then dump them all onto your upline Manager. Its your responsibility to take time out to HELP train your recruits and do so effectively. ALL of this takes TIME & Patience, if you are NOT going to be dedicated with your time, you shouldn't recruit!

Shelly Hill
Sr. Executive Tupperware Manager


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