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100 is the Path to Success

Direct Sales >> Direct Sales Articles >> 100 is the Path to Success

This article is something to keep in mind when you are "stuck in a rut" and need some direction in your direct sales business. It is important to always update your list of business contacts and continue to keep your business fresh in their mind. Take your list of 100 contacts and start a mailing list of sorts, this will give you some instant leads when times are slow.

Did you recently join a Direct Sales company? Or have you been with a company for awhile and stalled?

The question I hear most from frustrated moms is -- "How can I gain and keep momentum in Direct Sales?" or "How do I build my business?"

I ask them "Did you make your list of 100 people to contact?"

Here are the most common responses:

1. "No. Why should I do that?"

Because I'm telling you to! Ok, so that only works with my kids. The reason you need to make this list is because it is your starting point. Your list of 100 contacts is your warm list of people who already like you. These are people who will be open to helping you start and build your business. 

2. "Isn't 100 an awfully big number?"

Sales is all about statistics. If you reach out to 3 people, you may make a sale. If you reach out to 10 people, you will likely make a few sales. If you reach out to 100 people, you'll make a lot more sales than reaching out to 10!

3. "I don't KNOW 100 people."

Baloney! Everyone knows 100 people. Add the following people to your list right now.

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Holiday Card list
  • Co-workers from all your old jobs
  • Co-workers from your husband's jobs
  • Neighbors
  • People you know through Church
  • People through Scouts
  • Children's friends parents
  • Chat friends
  • Message board friends
  • Your bridesmaids/groomsmen
  • Your favorite waitress
  • The moms in Library Story time
  • The checkout clerk at your favorite grocery store
  • The other moms sitting at sporting events
  • Childhood friends
  • Your old high school friends
  • Your old college friends
  • Parents of friends
  • Friends of parents
  • The wives of your husband's college friends
  • Old fraternity or sorority friends
  • Friends at the Gym
  • People you work with in the community
  • People you volunteer with
  • Teachers
  • Local shop owners
  • Friends on your sports teams or community leagues
  • Your dentist, doctor or nurse
  • If you've been doing sales for awhile, reconnect with everyone who ever expressed interest in your products and all past customer
  • Anyone who's ever been a hostess for a party you attended
  • And anyone who you've bought something from or done business with over the years.

If you do fundraisers, add

  • Daycares
  • Preschools
  • Churches
  • Organizations
  • Charities

4. "Yes, I emailed ALL of them and didn't get any response."

Well, the key word here is email. Most people will glance at an email and set it aside. You need to talk with them and -- here's the hard part -- ASK them to do what you want them to do (host a party, purchase something or sign up on your team). Tell them why it benefits them, be warm, genuine and truthful. If your contact is not personally interested, ask them if they know anyone who would be interested. Always ask for referrals.

5. "Yes, and I called all of the people on the list but I still ran out of leads."

When's the last time you called your list? Part of customer service is to contact your list on a regular basis to see how you can help them and to let them know they are appreciated.

6. "I went through my list and I contact everyone regularly, but my business is stalled."

I have three words for you Referrals, Referrals, Referrals! Unless you reach beyond your circle of friends and go into a new market of people, your business cannot grow. Therefore, referrals are a critical part of building your business. Don't be shy! People like to help. Also, offer your contacts an incentive and they will send customers to you. Tell everyone you talk with that you appreciate referrals. Say "I give a gift of thanks for every referral" and make sure that those words are printed on every piece of paper that leaves your hands. Rewarding for referrals is part of customer service and should be done automatically. The gift can be something as simple as a small gift certificate, a sample-sized product, or something unrelated to your business like movie tickets.  Your friends will keep you in mind when they run across someone who could be interested in your products and your business will benefit from it.

So, make your list, contact or reconnect with every person on your list, and make sure you ask every contact for a referral!  Your business will grow.

About the Author: Nicole Dean is the owner of -- a fun and exciting site for Moms and Work from Home Moms.


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