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Home Party Tips

Direct Sales >> Direct Sales Articles >> Home Party Tips

Some useful home party tips that you may not have previously considered.  Make sure to pass these along to your hostess before your next home party.

Hosting a home party can be a great way to generate more sales for your product! A home party makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable with the rep, and that increases the likelihood that checkbooks will come out at the end of your presentation. Sometimes, though, the mood just isnt there and sales dont happen the way youd like. How can you avoid a situation like that? Here are a few tips about setting yourself up for success with a fantastic home party!

1. Be prepared - Always be prepared well beforehand to avoid any last minute rushing around (you know what Im talking about). Know exactly what you are going to present and have needed materials and visual aids at hand. If you are passing out take-home information, have enough on hand for everyone. If you have to transport your material to another location, use sturdy boxes and label each one so you know where everything is. Having a husband or friend along to help can save you time and stress.

2. Cleanliness counts - If you are hosting the party at your home, do the cleaning the day before or hire someone to do it for you. If a friend is hosting for you, ask them to be sure the home is clean or offer to pay for a cleaner to come the day of the party. Messiness detracts from you and your presentation. Indoor animals should be shut in a room with food and water to cut down on distractions, and children and husbands should go out for a few hours or stay quietly in another part of the house.

3. Set the stage Allow yourself plenty of time to set up your materials. Once everything is set up, check it out from the perspective of the clientele. Can you see everything clearly? Light a few scented candles or use a plug-in air freshener to help the mood subtle scents can relax customers and increase their desire to buy. A word of warning: try to find out ahead of time if any of your guests have asthma or breathing difficulties, and avoid candles if so. Having a potential client go into an asthma attack at your party is not the way to boost sales!

4. Relax yourself before beginning your presentation, do a few breathing exercises or (if you can go somewhere private) some stretches to help loosen yourself up. Good speakers come across as confident, self-assured people who really believe in the product or service they are presenting and this in turn convinces the audience that the product or service is something valuable.

5. Circulate, circulate, circulate! Once your presentation is finished and the guests are involved with refreshments, make yourself available to anyone and everyone who might want to talk to you. Be friendly and accessible, and move around the room, not just around your table. If you are away from the table and see someone examining materials, you can always go back, but frequently guests feel more comfortable talking away from the display, which can mean pressure to buy to some.

Try one or all of these tips and see your sales jump as your home parties become more and more successful!

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