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Direct Sales FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Many women struggle with the decision to join a direct sales business for the first time. There are some questions you will want to ask your recruiter before starting a direct sales company, and often, more importantly some questions you will want to ask yourself. Answering your own questions can help you move forward and provide motivation and inspiration which can lead to success in direct sales.

Direct Sellers: Got Questions? Our Experts Have Answers

Co-founders of the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) Grace Keohohou, Jane Deuber and Nicki Keohohou, get to the bottom of some of your most pressing questions about getting started in a home-based business.

If you are unsure that having a home-based business is right for you or making statements to your potential recruiter and they aren’t quite sure how to handle your concerns, here are some thoughts to consider. Questions and objections can be positive because they bring doubts and fears to the surface where they can be resolved. If you do not state what your apprehension is, your recruiter will not know what additional information you need.

Following are some of the most common concerns that people new to the business have when considering joining a direct selling company.

I just don’t think I have time to do this.

Some questions you might ask your recruiter are:
• How much time does it take?
• Is there a minimum number of hours required?
• What kind of results can I expect if I work 8-12 hours per week?

Some questions you might ask yourself are:
• How much additional income do I wish to make?
• If I want to have more income in the household, how much time am I willing to invest?
• Is there an area of my life where I am spending time (watching TV, talking with friends on the phone, etc) that I am willing to let go of and invest in the future for my family and business?

I don’t think I’d be good at this type of business.

Some questions you might ask your recruiter are:
• Why do you believe I would be good at this?
• Do you know others with personalities similar to mine that have been successful in this business?
• What does it take to be good in direct selling?

Some questions you might ask yourself are:
• How can I get more confidence to be great at this type of business?
• Who do I know that is highly successful in this type of business that I can learn from?
• Am I willing to take all the necessary training that the company offers?
• What talents do I have that can be applied to this business?

I don’t have the money to start my own business.

Some questions you might ask your recruiter are:
• If I don’t have the funds to get started today, is there any other way that I could begin the business?

Some questions to ask yourself are:
• How can I earn some extra money to get started in the business now?
• If I don’t have any extra money isn’t that a great reason for me to find a way to get started?

I really don’t want to be one of those “pushy” salespeople.

Some questions you might ask your recruiter are:
• How can I share these great products with my friends and family without making them feel uncomfortable?
• How have other successful people offered the opportunity or sold the products in a gracefully assertive manner?

Some questions to ask yourself are:
• How can I enlarge my comfort zone to feel better about sharing the products with others?
• How can I enjoy the process more and realize that I am sharing a great gift to others?

I’ve never been an entrepreneur before and I don’t have any experience in sales.

Some questions you might choose to ask your recruiter are:
• Are there people on your team that have never been in sales? If so, how are they doing?
• Can people be successful in this business with no experience?
• Who do you know in the business that developed selling skills through the company training and are “just doing it”.
• Does the company offer a proven system and training program that I could follow?

Some questions to ask yourself are:
• Have I ever shared a good movie or restaurant with others? How will that experience help me?
• What am I willing to do to gain the experience?
• Who do I know that is a successful entrepreneur that I can learn from?

I want to run my own business, but I don't want to feel alone if I work from my home all day.

Some possible questions to ask your recruiter are:
• Are their opportunities to be out with people and building relationships?
• How much business building time is invested in working with people?
• How many people have you met over the past year while working your business?

Some questions to ask yourself are:
• How could I use my people skills in this business?
• How can this business assist me in meeting new friends?
• How can I utilize this business to connect with past friends and associates?

There seems to be so much to do to start my own business, it's overwhelming.

Some possible questions to ask your recruiter are:
• What does it take to get a business like this started?
• Is there a quick start or fast track program that is already designed that lays out the steps?
• What are the first steps that I would take within the next week?
• What support is available to me so that I feel I am on the right track?

Some questions to ask yourself are:
• How can I break this down to manageable steps?
• How can I learn from my recruiter so that I am confident I’m doing the right things?
• Do I have to do everything all at once or can I take one step at a time?
• How can I simplify my life so that I have more time to commit to my business?
• Who can I ask for support so that I have more time to commit to the business?

When you ask others questions you will receive the information that you need. When you ask yourself better questions you will receive inspiration and positive answers that will move you forward in life.

Article by:
Grace Keohohou is a Co-Founder of the (the only association dedicated to the needs of the independent party plan and network marketing


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